Trouble on the farm

I got an email newsletter from my CSA farmer the other day.  He’s having trouble getting the season started.  Here’s an excerpt:

“The month of September has been one to test the most staunch of persons.  It has been disheartening, confusing, trying of the patience, and just plain misery.

 We had visions of being ready to open in the middle of October, but now looks like the end of November.  Everything that we planted germinated, came up, and got burned up by the sun.  It was brutal!!  We even tried to replant a couple of time, thinking that we just might hit it lucky.  NO LUCK.”

It’s been brutally hot here.  We set a record in Daytona yesterday of 93 degrees.  It’s even hotter inland, where the farm is.  And not only are there weather problems, there are “it could only happen to us” problems.  Read on:

“We have not found any celery plants, the place we got them last year had a run-a-way log truck slam through the building flattening it, so it is gone now.  That is the only place we ever found the celery. ”

And to top it all off:

“Carol and I were crusing the garden this morning for inspection and found that over the weekend some time we had a turkey attack.  It will take some time to know just how much damage theyu did but it was more than just a little bit.”

Farming is a rough profession.  It’s amazing that there are any small farmers left anywhere.  Support your local farmers!

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