Benign neglect

It’s late October, and we’re still having near-record breaking heat.  This is ridiculous. 

I went away for a week, and set the sprinkler to run two extra days while I was gone, in hopes that the vegetables wouldn’t suffer.  And they haven’t seemed to.  I now have three small bell peppers on that plant; the broccoli is going great guns, and there is even one healthy-looking Brussels sprouts plant. 

The tomatoes aren’t looking too good, although the plant is still in good shape.  I’m not worried about them, since I didn’t plant them in the first place.  I would like to work on my compost, and the tomato plant is blocking that. 

I need to transplant a couple of the broccolis, for which I need some new soil.  A trip to Lowes is in order.


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