Trying to get back on track

At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to lose 15 pounds.  Ha.  I’ve gained 9.  I’ve never gained weight like this – that is, this quickly – in my life.  I think it’s a combination of factors – age, hormones, medication, and lack of exercise.  And probably too much ice cream.

As soon as we get off daylight savings time this weekend, I can start walking in the mornings again.  Right now it’s too dark too late – the sun comes up around 7:35 this morning, and that’s when I have to be in the shower. 

I got signed back up with the Daily Plate yesterday.  It’s affiliated with Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong webpage, and I’ve used it to track calorie intake before.  According to their calculations, I should be eating about 1750 calories/day to lose 1 pound/week.  Yesterday I went over by a bowl of cereal.  I’ll do better today.

My starting weight is 184.5.  I’ll keep track of the results here.

2 responses to “Trying to get back on track

  1. Hi,

    Stay strong and stay on the journey – once you figure out what is the best way for you, you’ll lose the weight.

    One tip I’ll offer – calorie counting is not the best way to lose weight (reason, you could eat all the wrong things within your target calorie range – and weight-loss would be very difficult).

    Better to stop counting calories and start monitoring the quality of your food (remember, food is only food if the body needs it and can use the energy, proteins and nutrients within it). Therefore, icecream is not food but a ‘treat’. An apple, on the other hand is food.

    I have been blogging about my experiences as I get fit and healthy, and my latest posts will be a series about nutrition – they will be posted up over the next few weeks.

    The first part is done – check it out if you like:

    I’m not saying my way is right for everyone, but you may get some ideas – take a much or as little as you like.

    All the best and stay fit,


    • Thanks, Jonny! I know, calorie counting alone is not great. Daily Plate is a little more than that – it’s a food journal too, and there are also support groups and lots of nutrition articles. Plus, when you eat something junky, it’s right there in black and white, staring you in the face! I appreciate the encouragement!

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