Garden status

It’s November.  There are 22 days left in hurricane season.  We haven’t had a tropical system all year, but now Ida is going to rain on us next week.  Go figure.

The bell pepper plant has three small (1 1/2 inch) peppers that are turning red.  I’ll wait until they’re red, then eat them and retire the plant.

The broccoli and brussels sprouts still look great and are growing well.

The apple tree has slowed down in growth rate.  There are a couple of suspicious looking spots on a couple of leaves that look like they might be a return of the fire blight.  I still have plenty of copper solution ready if I need it.

The almond tree is really doing well.  Somehow, the “stick” has transformed itself into a fairly thick, short trunk, with several more slender branches that are covered with leaves and getting taller all the time.  I hope it blooms next spring.

The blackberry bush is slowing down in growth somewhat, but still looks good.

A friend came over with his chain saw yesterday and cut down my dying bay tree in the back yard.  The back yard looks very different now!  Much more open and light, which will be nice in the cool weather with the southern exposure.


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