This weekend I’m doing my big annual fall pruning.  A friend came over with his chain saw last weekend, and we cut down the dead tree.  It really opened up the back yard.  I’ve also cut back the tree/bush in the corner of the back lot, and trimmed all the honeysuckle back.  So the back yard is done.  I also trimmed the two large bushes at the end of the driveway, and pulled all the grass from around the concrete bench in the side yard.

The apple tree is going to have to go, I’m afraid.  It has fire blight again, and if I cut off all the affected leaves, there will hardly be any left.  So I’m going to cut it down.  So sad.  I think I’ll try citrus next.  The blackberry leaves are getting eaten up by aphids, but the almond tree looks great.  It doesn’t need any pruning.

Mostly what I have left is the front yard oleander bush, and the area around the A/C unit at the side of the house.  I’ll get the oleander done today.  The side area is going to have to wait until later in the week.

The reason I have time and energy to do these things is that the growth rate of the grass has slowed down greatly.  So I don’t have to spend every weekend mowing!

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