New growth!

The potatoes are coming up like crazy.  I already had to add extra dirt to most of them.  The way it works with growing potatoes is that you have to build up a hill of dirt around the stems as they grow, to keep the potatoes from being exposed to the sun.  That will cause them to develop green areas, which are toxic.  Most of mine were high enough to start that process!  I’m amazed at how well they’re doing.  The ones in the plastic bins are just as good as the ones in the grow bags.  The box potatoes are coming up on one side, but not on the other.

The rest of the veggies are coming along.  The weakest are the peppers, but that’s to be expected, from what I hear from friends who have had gardens.  The carrots are looking great; the little tops already look like carrot tops.

I also have about 10 rogue tomato plants growing in the old compost area, and they’re actually doing better than the ones in the pots for the time being!  If they all produce, I’ll be swimming in tomatoes.  Not a bad place to be.

The best news of the week is that the almond tree is sprouting leaves.  All the leaves fell off after the freeze this year, and I was afraid it was dead, but it has leaves coming out all over the branches.  The blackberry bush is doing the same.  It looked pretty bad, but it’s going to sprout nicely too, from what I can see.

I may actually have a real harvest this year!


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