The Potato Queen

That’s what they’re going to call me if my potatoes continue to grow like they have been.  They seem to put on almost an inch of height per day.  I’ve banked up more soil around the stems twice now.  Something has been chewing on the leaves of one plant, but the holes are very tiny.  I haven’t seen anything big on any of the veggies so far.

The carrots continue to do well, as does the lettuce.  The rogue tomatoes in the old compost site are going great guns.  The ones in the pots are coming along more slowly.  You’d think they’d do better, but I guess the compost was better than I thought.  The peppers and eggplant are progressing slowly too.

So it’s a mixed bag of results so far.  And I can’t see any difference so far  between the plastic bins vs. grow bags vs. cardboard box, in terms of the potato growth.  They’re all doing well.

Ralph (my dog) is starting to get interested in the tomato plants that are in the compost.  I’m going to have to fence them off from him somehow.  His previous owner told me that he’d pull transplanted tomatoes out of the ground as soon as she planted them.  And I know from last year that he likes to eat them off the vine, without even requiring them to get ripe.  He hasn’t bothered the potatoes since they started to sprout.  I hope that continues.


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