Bloomin’ potatoes

The potato plants are becoming very bushy.  They look great.  It looks like they’re also getting ready to bloom.  I’ll need to put even more soil on them soon.

I’m using a lot of water to keep all the plants watered.  I fill up the watering can in the bathtub while I’m waiting for the water to get warm, and I put a bowl under the slow drip from the bathtub faucet, and I use both of those to water with, but that doesn’t cover it all.  We had a good bit of rain (about 1 inch) on Sunday night, and I set out the yard waste garbage can and the baby pool to catch the water.  I was able to use both of those to water as well, although the baby pool was hard to handle and I sloshed some of that on myself.  It wasn’t in the ideal place, so I’ll put it closer to the in-ground tomatoes next time.

The carrots look good, and the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are coming along slowly but surely.  The lettuce is almost big enough to cut as baby lettuce, but a lot of it has little holes where something has been chewing on it.

There was a ladybug on the potato leaves yesterday.  I left it there, because they eat bad insects.  I hope that’s what it was doing.


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