It’s not a fungus – it’s a slime mold

With the colorful nickname of “dog vomit slime mold.”  Because that’s what it looks like.

Here’s a picture and description of it.

I pulled up the plants in the box with the mold and tossed them out.  I didn’t examine the potatoes to see if they looked okay, but I wasn’t going to eat them in any event.

The good news is – there are potatoes!  Nice, perfectly sized new potatoes.

Another of the plants that has no blooms has a very small patch of slime mold at its base.  That plant is in one of the grow bags.  I’ll get rid of it this evening.  This weekend, I’ll be harvesting from the plants that do have blooms.

Fresh (mold-free) homegrown taters, fried up with some onions – yum!!!!


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