The potatoes are ready

The flowers are falling off and the leaves are starting to curl on the potato plants, so the potatoes are ready to dig up any time.  I dug up about six last weekend, and they were perfect – small red potatoes, beautiful white inside, just like they should be.  I sliced them up and fried them (so bad, but so good) with some onion and they were fabulous.  I’m going to roast some this weekend.

I pulled up a carrot just to see what was going on with them.  It was a tiny little carrot, thinner than a pencil, but definitely a carrot!  So they are doing well.  The rogue tomato plants are blooming, and the potted ones are still looking good.  The peppers I planted are not growing very fast, but a friend gave me some transplants, and they are doing well so far.  He also gave me four more tomato plants, which are smaller than mine started from seed.  If all these tomato plants do well and I can keep Ralph from eating them, I should be drowning in tomatoes by fall.  I can think of worse things to drown in!


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