Harvesting has begun

I’m gradually digging up all the potatoes.  I’m saving one from each group to use as a seed potato for next year.

I’ve harvested all of the carrots.  I made carrot-molasses bread on Saturday, and put the rest in the crockpot with four of the potatoes and other yummy stuff for a vegetarian chickpea and tomato curry.

I’ve gotten two handfuls (handsful?) of blackberries, and will have another handful tonight.  I just wash ’em and eat ’em (with a little sugar sprinkled on).

I picked the first two tomatoes that have turned red; they’re halfway between the size of a plum and grape tomato.  Those have to be from the farmer’s tomatoes.  These are from the plants that came up in the old compost pile.  Ralph has discovered the green tomatoes as well, so now I have to guard them from him when we’re in the back yard.

The peppers and eggplant are growing sloooowwwwly.  The tomatoes I planted from seed are blooming, but so far they are just one trunk without any branches.  I’m not going to get many tomatoes that way.

I’m going to plant some more carrots, and maybe some zucchini.  We’re already having August weather in June, so I’m sure it will be hot enough for several more months to make the zucchinis happy.


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