Over and out

The blackberries are over.  I got about five handfuls.  Since this is the first year, I’m hoping for more next year!  I took the bird netting off and I’m not sure I’ll use it again; I trapped too many critters who needed to be freed.  Maybe I’ll make sure it just covers the tops of the bush next time.

The potatoes are all out of the containers, and I’ll eat the last one tonight.  Several of the ones I’ve saved for seed potatoes are already sprouting.  I think I’ll plant those in the fall to have some winter taters.

The container tomatoes are getting tall, but still not branching much yet.  They’re all blooming.  I’ve tied them with old pantyhose to my stepladder, and weighted the stepladder with a bag of soil so it won’t blow over in heavy wind.

I have one pepper coming on one pepper plant, and several others are blooming.  I can’t tell what color it’s going to be yet, but it’s tending towards yellow right now.

I’ve ordered a bunch more heirloom seeds.  I’m really going to try to plant a lot this fall and get at least one raised bed ready for next spring.


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