Slowing to a crawl

Now that the heat of summer is here, my garden production has slowed waaaay down.  The lettuce, potatoes and carrots did great, as well as I could have expected.  Everything else, not so much.  The bell pepper transplants that I got are producing, but so far I haven’t been able to harvest any of them.  The one that got big enough had some kind of damage and I had to toss it.

The tomatoes got very tall very fast, and very slender, and now forward (rather, upward) progress has nearly stopped.  They’ve all bloomed, but not much.  I have a suspicion that they don’t like being in pots.  Even though the pots are plenty big, the difference between those and the “volunteer” tomatoes that came up out of the compost pile is striking.  Maybe they’re holding too much water??  Maybe there’s not enough room for the root systems, even with the large pot size??

The bell peppers and eggplant that I started from seed are growing very slowly.  They are now at about the size that the transplants were when I got them.  Again, pot size should be big enough, but maybe it’s not.

I want to spend part of this weekend digging a bed in the back yard.  I may try to transplant a couple of those potted peppers.  I want to have a good-sized bed going by mid-August, when it will be time to start planting fall veggies.  I’ll stick with containers for potatoes and lettuce, and last year the broccoli did very well in the container too.  Plants that get big, though, are going in the ground.  It’s too much work to not get any results!


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