Hybrid tomatoes

I cut down the “rogue” tomato patch last night.  It had gotten so thick that I couldn’t reach any of the tomatoes inside the tangle of vines.  Ralph was determined to get to them, and I had to pull him out of there with every trip outside for him.  And, for the most part, the tomatoes were kind of weird.

They were supposed to be plum tomatoes, but most of them never got close to that size.  Most of them, also, were kind of “spotted” with yellow.  The yellow patches were internal, though.  They really looked odd.  And they weren’t anything I really wanted to eat.  I got a few good ones at the beginning, but the rest seemed to be sort of defective.  I’ve had four of them sitting on my kitchen windowsill for a week now, and they haven’t changed a bit.  The yellow isn’t going away, so it doesn’t seem to be a ripening issue.

The plum tomatoes that I got last year from the farm were fine; this year’s “rogue” tomatoes were their descendants.  So it looks like the farm was using hybrid seeds rather than heirloom.

All of the seeds that I’ve started are heirlooms.  If I ever get any tomatoes from them, I’ll be sure to save the seeds.


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