The late summer garden blues

I’m not going to be harvesting many tomatoes this year.  I have four very tall, skinny plants with no tomatoes.  The fifth one has one tomato on it.  It’s growing slowly; I don’t know if it will mature or not.  All the plants bloomed, but the blossoms just sort of dried up and no tomatoes formed.  It’s very interesting that the one plant that has a tomato on it is the one that has a couple of carrots growing in the same pot.  The next time I plant tomatoes, they’re all going to have companion carrots.

The bell peppers are doing better, but the peppers are small.  These are all the ones that are from the plants that someone gave me as starters.  The plants that I planted from seed are just now blooming.  One of them actually looks very healthy.  Let’s hope I get some nice peppers from it.

According to my Florida gardening book, I can start winter squash and broccoli in August.  I’m going to wait until near the end of the month.  Then in September, I can start more of the winter vegetables.  Maybe I’ll have more success with those.


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