Green Friday

I used to get up early and go shopping on Black Friday.  This was before I lived in Florida.  I lived in a very small town in North Carolina, and a friend and I would get up and head south to Spartanburg, SC to hit the closest mall.  At that time there weren’t any pre-6:00 am store openings, like there are now.  No one was getting trampled to death in front of Wal-Mart.  We’d do a little shopping, do a lot more window shopping, eat lunch someplace nice then head home.  It was fun.

These days, I wouldn’t get out there in the mobs for anything.  There isn’t anything that I want that badly.  Instead, I’m going to do something a lot more constructive today.

This has been a very warm and dry fall season so far.  Dry is fairly normal, but we have been arid since summer.  We got through the “T” names in hurricanes and tropical storms this season, and did not get a single drop of rain out of any of them.  Unbelievable.  We can usually count on getting brushed by at least one tropical storm, and getting our drought relieved as a result.  Not this year.

Because of the heat and dryness, I’ve hesitated putting in a “winter” garden.  I didn’t want to try to grow cool-weather vegetables in warm-weather conditions.  Our warm-weather conditions pass for summer just about everywhere else, and I don’t think the cool-weather veggies would like that.

So today, I’m planting.  I’m putting spinach, cabbage and broccoli in pots, and leeks and carrots in raised beds.  There’s a cold front coming through this evening, which should bring some rain, and is definitely bringing colder temperatures.  So it should be safe to proceed.  My cool-weather veggies will actually have a chance to grow in cool weather conditions!

This is so much better than shopping!

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