I have neglected this blog the same way I have neglected my garden this year.  Lately I have been taking part in a writing challenge, though, and it has inspired me to start writing on the blog again as well. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, eh?

The garden story: The carrots turned out to be my biggest success. They did beautifully and I now have a freezer full of grated carrots to use in recipes, mostly variations on carrot bread. The cabbage also did well, and I ate it as a stir fry with rice and soy sauce, for several lunches earlier in the year.

The spaghetti squash got blossom end rot, and none of the squashes ever came to fruition, although the blooms were beautiful and the little squashes formed perfectly before the rot set in. According to my research, the blossom end rot is usually due to calcium deficiency. When I rework the raised bed for planting now, which I’m going to do in the next couple of days, I’m going to add some organic egg shells that I’ve been saving for this purpose. I also got a bag of manure which I am going to add to the mix. Then I’m going to plant broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and lettuce. We have some cold weather coming up, so I hope they germinate okay. We’ll see.

I also have finally figured out a way to start seeds inside, such as tomatoes and peppers, in a light filled window that the dog can’t get at. I think the problem with my tomatoes is that it has just gotten too hot for them by the time for the tomatoes to come on, and that’s because I’ve started them too late. So I am going to start them inside this year and see what happens.

I am also going to build a second raised bed. I have all the materials for it, bought at Lowes yesterday and unloaded from the Jeep into the back yard. I have to dig out a new section of grass but that shouldn’t take long.

So, I am revitalizing the garden, and revitalizing myself as well I hope. Taking part in the 750 Words December challenge has given me a sense of accomplishment, which makes me want to accomplish other things as well. It’s been very energizing.

I also want to keep writing about other things related to my world – books, education, money, dogs…

Stay tuned.


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