My yearly movie

I see about one movie a year in the theater. Usually it’s around the holidays. Last year it was Black Swan. This year, I was a little late, but I finally saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Sunday.

I enjoyed it. It was well done and well acted. The girl who plays Lisbeth, in particular, did a great job. She embodied the character in exactly the way I had her pictured from the book. She was also the one amongst the non-Swedish actors who got the closest, I thought, to the Swedish accent. Daniel Craig looks the part but he pretty much stuck with his British accent. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Would I recommend the movie? Yes, but if you haven’t read the book first, you are going to be confused. Especially the first hour. If you don’t know how the two story lines are going to come together eventually, it seems very odd to have these two seemingly unrelated characters and story lines going back and forth. Also, the character development in the movie was pretty thin as compared to the book. They were very faithful to the book as far as plot, and they got the basics of the plot in, but there wasn’t much time for character development. In the book, Mikael is not as likable as he is portrayed in the movie.  It’s not that they changed anything about the character; they just left a lot out.

I read the book after it had been out a while, and was already in paperback, and I finally decided that I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I’m glad I did. The trilogy was great, and the second and third of the books were actually better than the first, in my opinion. The first book gets started a little slowly, but it’s worth it to hang in there. Once the two characters meet, the plot takes off.

So, read the book first, if you haven’t. Then see the movie.


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