Book review: Morganville Vampires

I finished a book last night, book four of a series called the Morganville Vampires. It is what Twilight should have been, a YA vampire series that is actually well written and has a great plot. There is a bit too much sappy young love in it and the snappy teen patter gets to me sometimes, but the heroine is spunky and smart, a physics major in college, and the adult vampires are truly terrifying. (And they do burn in direct sunlight. None of this vampires-out-in-the-daytime stuff.) The kids involved are college students or college-aged and all have jobs. The town of Morganville, Texas, is run by vampires, and the vampires manipulate the humans for their own purposes.  And no one gets out alive – at least not for long. 🙂

It’s a good series. There are a total of ten books, but the volumes have been published two by two (after the single books have been out a while, of course), so volume four is actually books seven and eight. My friend Tish had loaned me the first three volumes, so I didn’t have to buy those, and this one was only ten bucks. It is now on my public library donate pile, as it’s not one I would likely read again, but I will read the fifth volume when it comes out.

I haven’t actually read the Twilight series, because I haven’t wanted to waste my time. Several friends who have read it have told me not to bother. So I can’t directly compare, but if you’re an adult, I’d definitely recommend that you start with the Morganville Vampires series. If you like vampires and action/suspense with just enough horror, you’ll like this. (And there are no werewolves. At least not so far.)


One response to “Book review: Morganville Vampires

  1. Good writing can make any story worth the read for me, since my reading habits are eclectic

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