Lettuce fail

I’m afraid the indoor lettuce experiment is over.  It’s just quit growing.  It sprouted nicely, got a couple of leaves and then a couple more, got to be almost an inch tall, then stopped.

Too little light? It’s the only reason that seems likely. I watered them consistently, so that wasn’t an issue.

All of my windows are tinted, to combat the heating effects of our six months of summer here in Florida, and my eaves provide a pretty deep overhang as well.  So, even though the lettuce pots did get direct sunlight all afternoon every day, I’m guessing it may not have been enough.  And as the days get longer, the sun is moving away from the south side of the house, where the lettuce was situated.

Oh well.  Some experiments fail.  If the mildness of this winter keeps up, I’ll be able to plant outdoor lettuce in a couple of weeks.


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