Surviving the freeze

It got COLD here over the weekend. It rained a good bit Friday night (yay, rain) with the cold front coming through, then was 31 degrees on Saturday night and 33 degrees last night. I don’t think it was quite that cold on the beachside where I am, but I covered up the veggies anyway, just in case.

I used cardboard boxes over the broccoli (small enough for a shoe box) and the cabbage (a larger box that an order had come in), and weighted them down with bricks since it was very windy Saturday night. I didn’t have another cardboard box big enough to set over the Brussels sprouts, so I used my recycle bin, upside down. It was big enough to cover the spinach too.

I didn’t wrap anything around the plants themselves, because they’re just not big enough yet. I was afraid anything I used would smush them.  I guess I could have used old rags bunched around the stems – didn’t think of that.

It seems to have turned out okay, though.  I took everything off this morning, and it all looks okay. I think we survived the almost-freeze intact.


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