Home Depot, listen up!

I have a GREAT idea for you.

Hallmark and the florists and the jewelers have done a fabulous job of making men believe that it is their responsibility to be the gift givers rather than the gift receivers on Valentine’s day. They’ve done the same for anniversaries too. According to the marketers, women are just supposed to sit back and collect the booty from their significant others. And of course, if the guy forgets, he’s in trouble.

Why haven’t the home improvement and hardware stores jumped on this? It worked for Hallmark and the florists, and the jewelers…why hasn’t Home Depot come up with a marketing plan to convince women that it’s their responsibility to buy socket wrenches and cordless drills and such for their guys on Valentine’s day and anniversaries?

The guy-as-gift-giver meme is pretty solidly entrenched, so it may take some time to overcome, but it can be done.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Home Depot. You’re welcome. 🙂


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