More water, please

I have been faithfully watering the veggies every morning. I fill up the 2-gallon watering can in the bathtub while the water for my shower is heating up, then use that on the raised bed before I leave the house.  Until yesterday, that’s been enough.

When I got home yesterday, at the end of a very warm (for us, for February) day, the leaves were wilted on both the cabbage and Brussels sprouts. More so on the cabbage. The outer leaves are big now, and they’re soaking up the water to grow.

Wilted leaves are not good at any stage, but they weren’t terribly wilted, so hopefully no damage was done. I filled up the watering can and put another two gallons on them, and they perked up.

Today is a repeat of yesterday, so I’ll see how they look when I get home. Watering may have to become a twice-a-day phenomenon now. Those big leaves are a lot thirstier than they were when they were cute little sprouts.

I think my plants are teenagers!

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