Spring Break!

I never went on vacation for spring break as an undergraduate student. I couldn’t afford it, for one thing, and my parents wouldn’t have paid for it if I had asked. In the 1970s, going to the beach for Spring Break wasn’t something that nice girls did. 🙂 I did go once in graduate school; I was living in West Virginia, and a classmate’s parents lived in Melbourne Beach, FL. She invited a group of us down, and it was a great week.

Now, working in academia as I do, I get spring break every year. And, living at the beach 24/7, I don’t have to travel! I usually try to get a lot of yard work done, as spring break is often the first hint of good weather down here.

Next week is no exception to the good weather rule, although we’ve been having good weather for most of the winter. Next week’s projected highs/lows are 79/60 all week, with sunshine. Bad for the drought, but good for working outside.

Daytona Beach isn’t really the hot spot for spring break any more. I don’t know where the hot spot is, but it’s not here. We still get a few revelers, but not in the crowds that descended back in the 80s. Those days are legend around here, and not in a good way. I’m glad I didn’t live here then.

The folks that ARE arriving, beginning tomorrow, are the bikers for Bike Week. It’s a good week to be off work, because the traffic will be horrendous. A lot of our students pick up extra jobs during Bike Week, too, so it’s nice for them to not have classes to worry about.

I have a list of things I want to accomplish in the yard. I always make lists, and I don’t think I’ve ever completed all the tasks on one yet. We’ll see how I do this time. I definitely won’t have the weather as an excuse for failure.


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