Book review: Fair Game

A couple of years ago, a friend and fellow librarian turned me on to Patricia Briggs’ books.  Her characters are paranormal – shifters, vampires, fae, etc.  I’ve read two of her series – the Mercy Thompson series and the Alpha and Omega series.

Fair Game is her latest book (the third) in the Alpha and Omega series.  Charles, an alpha werewolf and the son of North America’s big boss werewolf, is married to Anna, an omega werewolf. Werewolves have recently “come out” to the general public, rather than continuing to pass themselves off as human. Charles is his father’s enforcer. When werewolves misbehave, the results can be deadly for humans. That’s bad PR for the wolves, so Charles cleans those situations up (often by killing the wolf or wolves who misbehaved). Charles is the toughest of the tough guys, but all the killing is starting to get to him.

Anna is an omega wolf. Omegas are rare and very valuable to their pack. They are the natural born peacemakers. Anna’s very worried about Charles, and tries to convince his father to let Charles back off on some of the killing. Dad doesn’t go for that, but he does agree to send Anna and Charles to Boston on a new assignment together.

The new assignment is to help the FBI with a serial killer who has been killing for nearly 40 years, but recently begun to target non-humans. There are a lot of things about the case that don’t make sense. Complicating matters is the involvement of a couple of other federal agencies – Homeland Security and a new agency devoted to managing the federal government’s relations with the werewolves (and the fae, who are out to the public also).

The mystery is solid. I guessed the identity of a bad guy about halfway through, but it didn’t make the ending any less interesting. The best thing about this series and the Mercy Thompson series is the world that Briggs has developed – overlaid with our own, but including a lot of amazing creatures with very non-human attitudes and instincts.

The Alpha and Omega series and the Mercy Thompson series occasionally cross over (Mercy Thompson is a were-coyote). I’ve enjoyed them both. If you like paranormal mystery, you’ll probably like both of these.


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