Recycling, freecycling

This week is Kick It To The Curb week in Daytona Beach, also known as enhanced curbside pickup week.  You can put anything you like out by the curb, and the garbage pickup will take it away for free. Old sofas, mattresses, car parts, whatever. Every other time of the year, you have to make arrangements to haul it out to the landfill yourself, or else just set it outside and see if anyone will come along to get it.

We have quite a few “pickers” in our neighborhood. They drive around in pickup trucks on Sundays, looking for good stuff. Or maybe good enough stuff. When you set something out that is the least bit desirable, it’s gone pretty quick. About three weeks ago, I set out a wicker loveseat that I’d had on my front porch. It wasn’t very sturdy, and it was crooked. The back wasn’t straight across. I set it out and it disappeared pretty quickly. About a week later, as I was walking to the beach, I glanced up at a balcony on an apartment building at the end of the street, and there was my wicker loveseat. I recognized it because of the crooked back. It had gotten freecycled by one of my neighbors. Nice! Good to know that it is being used some more.

Today I cleaned out the garage a bit. I set out an ottoman that I couldn’t use any more, my old rusty bicycle with dry rotted tires, two wheels from my previous car that had been replaced after an accident, and four sets of plantation blinds that wouldn’t fit back into the window frames after I had the old casement windows replaced with double paned ones. I did that all about two hours ago. I glanced outside about a half hour ago, and all of it is already gone except for the ottoman.

That is great because it means that the stuff is going to get used again, not just taken to the dump. I don’t care if the people who took it use it themselves, or if they sell it. Yes, I could have sold it myself, but that means either having people come to the house or having a garage sale, neither of which I care to do. So I’ve donated the stuff to the world at large, and it’s going to get used somehow. Freecycling at its best – the no effort kind.

I hope the ottoman disappears later today. If not, the garbage truck will take it. It’s kind of ugly, and pretty big, and a little stained (the person who gave it to me let her dogs sleep on it). But maybe someone will want it…


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