Broccoli flower

This particular broccoli plant never formed a head; the individual florets went straight to flowering. I suspect it’s the same phenomenon as when lettuce bolts in the heat, but I’m not sure. They’re pretty little flowers. My plan is to let them go to seed, if they will, and see if they’ll self-seed the bed they’re in. Just another garden experiment. 🙂

The summer challenge is going well so far. Both my coworker (whom I will refer to as CK) and I have held to our resolutions. I had a blip yesterday – I came in to work really wanting a diet Coke. I was sort of craving carbonation and just didn’t want to drink any Crystal Light, but I didn’t want any sugar. I put my five quarters into the Coke machine, pressed the diet Coke button, and out comes…a regular Coke. Ack! I asked CK for a technical ruling, and she decided that since it was the first week and we had both gone cold turkey on everything, we would get a first-week mulligan, since I had tried to do the right thing and had been thwarted by the carelessness of the Coke machine guy. (Plus, I think she was craving Taco Bell.) But today I am drinking a diet Coke, courtesy of the coffee shop. And I have plenty of diet Pepsi at home for the weekend. So I’m in good shape so far…


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