Bye bye, broccoli

The broccoli is done. I pulled it out of the ground, then trimmed off the leaves and turned them under the soil, to compost in place. The Brussels sprouts are still hanging in there on the other side of the bed, but it may be getting too hot for them. There are a few that are almost big enough under the bottom leaves, but I’m afraid the rest of the plant will succumb to the heat soon. I planted these in January! I guess I need to plant my cool weather vegetables in November so they have a chance to mature before it gets hot. Darn hot weather. I see people’s harvests in more temperate climes and get jealous. But I’m stuck with what I’ve got.

I’m not going to plant anything else until late August or early September. No point in having nice plants come up and then fail to produce because of the heat. I’ll eat what Brussels sprouts I get and spend the rest of the summer building beds for the fall and shopping at the farmers’ market.


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