Please don’t trash our beach

Our friendly, handy rubbish bins

Every morning when I walk on the beach, I pick up trash. The amount varies. Sometimes it’s only one thing. Of course the beach is much cleaner in the fall and winter, when there’s almost no one on it. But Memorial Day is over, the summer beach season is starting, and this morning I picked up about 12 items that needed to be tossed. Everything from a beer can to a sharp fragment of a beer can to a kid’s sand shovel.

I just came back from Italy, and the streets in Rome were not very clean. (That’s my only complaint, though; more on the trip later.)  In the Romans’ defense, I think one reason is that it was very difficult to find a trash can on the street.  I know a lot of cities removed trash cans due to terrorist bombing concerns. So when it’s difficult to find a receptacle, it’s easier to drop a piece of trash than keep carrying it for several blocks.


It’s not hard to find a trash can on Daytona Beach. We have them scattered about every 50 yards, hung conveniently on poles, as pictured.  And yet people don’t seem to be able to walk over to one and put their crap into it.  (And yes, some trash does wash up, but what I picked up this morning was all above the high tide line.)

So here is my plea, to anyone who is taking a beach vacation this year. Especially if you’re coming to Florida, and most especially if you’re coming to Daytona. Please throw your trash in the bins provided. You’re only on our beach for a week, but we live here full time, and we have to deal with your leftovers.

Maybe this will help. Every time you drop something on the sand, hold a picture in your head of a dolphin, choking to death on whatever it was you just dropped.


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