Summer Challenge update

I didn’t do too badly while I was on vacation. I drank a Coke four times, so I owe the penalty kitty four dollars now. While I was gone the other girls did well, but over Memorial Day weekend they had a couple of lapses in their Challenge-related behaviors.

I still haven’t touched a computer game since we started this. It’s been tempting a couple of times. I didn’t have an opportunity for that while on vacation, and we did a lot of walking every day all over Rome and Florence and Pompeii. But bottled Coke was readily available almost everywhere we went, and I succumbed a few times. I could have chosen Coke Zero, but I didn’t.

This morning, when the alarm went off, I turned it off and rolled back over. My excuse is that I’m tired from adjusting to our ten hour work days. But that’s just an excuse, isn’t it?

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