Our visit to Pompeii was worth the trip itself. We were there about five hours and I only covered about a quarter of it.

The cause of it all

Vesuvius lurks over the whole city. Actually, it looms over all of Naples. If it erupts again, which it will, a lot more people are going to die.

The top was in clouds all day; we could never see the peak.

The area in the foreground of the picture was the Temple of Venus.







Some of the wall art that remains

The interiors of the homes, at least the bigger ones, were amazing. So beautifully and colorfully decorated, and the colors remain.









Many of the pots were intact

There was an entire warehouse full of pottery. Pompeii was apparently known for its production of a kind of fermented fish sauce called garum, and some of the pots were used for that.











The big oven

This was a bakery. It was a big place. From what was sitting around, it looked like the grain might have been ground into flour on site.









Beware of dog!

This mosaic was in the front entryway of a home called the House of the Tragic Poet. Such great names. It served as a Beware of Dog sign.









The human toll

Every so often, you come across a reminder of what really happened here.


And why.


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