State of the garden

We’re having a warm spell. It’s been near 80 degrees for the past few days, and it’s going to be this warm for another week. The veggies are taking full advantage. I have several kinds of lettuce, three or four potato plants, and some new carrots coming up. Garden 12-30-12 005That’s a potato plant, surrounded by lettuce. I took that two weeks ago, and they’re about twice as big now.

The tomato plants are running riot. They are blooming like crazy, but not producing many tomatoes. I’m not sure what’s going on there. The plants themselves have done extremely well, what with being planted a little later in the year (August 1) and being planted in the same bed with carrots. And they are flowering constantly. But I’ve seen very few tomatoes. Here are a couple that have formed.

Garden 12-30-12 004As you can see, they’re green. And two weeks later they’re still green. They’re big enough to pick, and showing no signs of turning any other color. I’m starting to wonder if I planted green tomatoes…I may have.

I either planted or got rid of all my old seeds, that were dated for 2010 or 2011. I ordered a few more new ones, some cherry tomatoes, which I’m going to grown in grow bags, and cabbage and Boston lettuce.

And I need to move my compost pile today.

Better get out there and get busy…:)

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