Green tomatoes and broccoli transplants

The tomato experiment continues. I can now say that I have successfully grown tomato plants. I also have had beautiful tomatoes form. Unfortunately, they have all stayed solid green and hard as baseballs. I don’t know if it’s because the weather got too cold for them to ripen?? I’m pretty sure I didn’t plant green tomatoes. Here’s what they look like…

Garden 1-19-13 009

Beautiful size, beautiful shape, wrong color.

I planted these in August. Clearly, that was a little too late. I think this year I’m going to plant the seeds in June and see what happens. Sigh.

However, there is good news on the other fronts. The lettuce and potato plants are going great.

Garden 1-19-13 015

The lettuce is nearly ready to cut and eat as baby lettuce, then I can start hilling up around the potato plant. The other potato plants are already taller and I’ve been hilling the dirt up around them already.

Since the tomatoes have clearly stalled out, I pulled them all out. The rest of the carrots had gotten so big they’d split open, so I pulled them too. They’re now filling the compost bin. I got broccoli transplants from a friend last weekend, and they are looking good so far:

Garden 1-19-13 016

The tinier plants in between the broccoli plants are brussels sprouts.

So, once again a year without edible tomatoes. I’m going with some cherry tomatoes next year; maybe they’ll be easier. But cool weather and root vegetables are, once again, a success.

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