Good news and bad news

On the gardening front, that is.

The good news is that I have a volunteer grape tomato plant growing out of my compost:

Dying tree 001

I’ve harvested the first two, and it looks like there are a couple more ready to pick this morning.

The bad news is this:

Dying tree 008

My last tree is dying. There is a disease of some sort that is killing all the bay trees in this area. Mine was the last on my street to succumb, but as you can see it’s now progressing rapidly. I’ll have to have it cut down. 😦 The saddest part is that this tree was knocked down by Hurricane Charley in 2004, was cut back to a stump, and came back from that to form a beautiful tree. It’s the only shade I have on the north side of my house.

Right now my raised beds are dormant. I have them all covered with black plastic to kill the weeds off for fall planting. I’m going out of town for the first two weeks of August, so I’ll start planting again when I get back.



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