We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden

Wow, have I neglected this blog, or what? I thought it had been a few months since I’d posted – it’s been two years. Argh!! Turns out a full-time career as a librarian and a part-time career as a writer aren’t compatible with being a successful full-time OR part-time gardener.

I did have a good carrot crop this year, and I have four loaves of carrot bread in the freezer now. But that was the only crop this year. Right now there’s nothing growing, as July is just too hot to grow anything here in FL. I want to plant potatoes in the fall. Right now I think one crop at a time is all I can manage.

I have eight years left to retirement, when I intend to be a full-time gardener and a part-time writer. I’ve been thinking about the best approach to the garden until then, and I’ve decided to concentrate on building my infrastructure – all the raised and in-ground beds I have planned, rain barrels for my gutter downspouts, and some new tools – while I can still afford the supplies. After retirement my income will be reduced, of course, but I’ll still be able to afford seeds!

Right now, I need to pull some weeds. 😄


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