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Sprouting beans

This didn’t take long….the white things that look a little like maggots in the dirt are bean sprouts.




Ready to plant!


I have seeds! Now that vacation is over and fall is nearly here, it’s time to start thinking about planting. I have to get the beds ready – I need compost and new soil. And I have to cut back the overgrowth of the lawn that is creeping up the sides of the raised beds. I’m going to put the cherry tomatoes in a container and hope for the best.

Nothing like homegrown!

Picked this morning for my salad at lunch.

Picked this morning for my salad at lunch.

Green tomatoes and broccoli transplants

The tomato experiment continues. I can now say that I have successfully grown tomato plants. I also have had beautiful tomatoes form. Unfortunately, they have all stayed solid green and hard as baseballs. I don’t know if it’s because the weather got too cold for them to ripen?? I’m pretty sure I didn’t plant green tomatoes. Here’s what they look like…

Garden 1-19-13 009

Beautiful size, beautiful shape, wrong color.

I planted these in August. Clearly, that was a little too late. I think this year I’m going to plant the seeds in June and see what happens. Sigh.

However, there is good news on the other fronts. The lettuce and potato plants are going great.

Garden 1-19-13 015

The lettuce is nearly ready to cut and eat as baby lettuce, then I can start hilling up around the potato plant. The other potato plants are already taller and I’ve been hilling the dirt up around them already.

Since the tomatoes have clearly stalled out, I pulled them all out. The rest of the carrots had gotten so big they’d split open, so I pulled them too. They’re now filling the compost bin. I got broccoli transplants from a friend last weekend, and they are looking good so far:

Garden 1-19-13 016

The tinier plants in between the broccoli plants are brussels sprouts.

So, once again a year without edible tomatoes. I’m going with some cherry tomatoes next year; maybe they’ll be easier. But cool weather and root vegetables are, once again, a success.

Yellow carrots

Small but delicious!

These are the carrots that I’m growing this time. They’re smaller than I’m used to, and they have more greens. I’d never eaten a yellow carrot, so I had no idea what to expect.

These are wonderful. They have an almost lemony flavor to them. The texture is the same as a “normal” carrot, of course, but the taste is, to my mind, far better and more interesting. You could do a lot with these in different recipes, I bet.

But I ate these raw, with a little blue cheese dip. Yum, yum.

Beans on the vine

Growing again after a lull

Carrots and tomatoes

Carrots and tomatoes are supposed to complement each other when they’re planted together. I don’t know if they’re equally as beneficial. I have a sneaking suspicion that the carrots are helping the tomatoes more than the tomatoes help the carrots. But they are supposed to do better together, and so far they’re both doing well. I’ve had a lot of success with carrots before, but never much luck with tomatoes. So I’m hoping that will change this time.

One of the tomato plants looks like it might be getting ready to bloom. That’s good news. I would LOVE to get some nice tomatoes this time.

The zucchini never did much; the seeds were kind of old, so that might be the problem. The watermelon did great for a while but then something came along and ate all the leaves and that was all she wrote for the watermelon. The beans have done very well, but they also have some kind of pest, a very tiny flying thing, that coat the stems and beans like fur. They seem to suck the juices out of the plant. The beans that grew that didn’t get infested did very well, and I’ve had four crops. I’ve also let a couple go to seed, to see if I can get them to come up again next time…