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Beans grow fast!



Here’s what the bean sprouts look like this morning. They’ve grown an inch in two days. Amazing.


Ready to plant!


I have seeds! Now that vacation is over and fall is nearly here, it’s time to start thinking about planting. I have to get the beds ready – I need compost and new soil. And I have to cut back the overgrowth of the lawn that is creeping up the sides of the raised beds. I’m going to put the cherry tomatoes in a container and hope for the best.

Beans on the vine

Growing again after a lull

Asparagus beans

Five weeks from planting the seeds to first harvest! These are also known as Chinese long beans. You use them just as you would regular green beans, from what I understand. I’ll be trying them this weekend.

On the plant…

…and post picking!

Garden’s growing great!

The big picture

Carrots and tomatoes. The cardboard tubes are keeping the plants from falling over when they’re watered. They’re toilet paper tubes cut in half.

Watermelon blossom

Bean shoots winding around their support




Growing like crazy

This morning in the garden:



Tomatoes, in the center, with carrots at top and bottom – very small and will have to be thinned



Another day, another growth spurt

We had huge rain yesterday, so I’m hoping today’s sun will encourage some of the other seeds I planted to send greenery forth. In the meantime, here are this morning’s pictures of bean sprouts. If I’d known how much fun beans would be, I’d have planted them long before this.