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Beans grow fast!



Here’s what the bean sprouts look like this morning. They’ve grown an inch in two days. Amazing.


Sprouting beans

This didn’t take long….the white things that look a little like maggots in the dirt are bean sprouts.



We have bean sprouts!

This big in three days!

A big biology experiment…

You have to look close...

These are the brussels sprouts as of yesterday. They’re starting to get their secondary leaves. The cabbage looks very similar, but its leaves look a little more cabbage-y.
The broccoli doesn’t look as vigorous. I’m not sure what the difference is; they’re in the same bed and have been treated exactly the same.
I think I may have one spinach plant coming up, out of all the ones I planted. I guess I’ll have one spinach salad…those seeds may have been too old.
I need to get some tomatoes and peppers started indoors so they’ll be ready to transplant when the time comes.  The indoor Boston lettuce isn’t looking as vigorous, either, but maybe it looks like it’s supposed to at this stage??
Gardening is just a big biology experiment.

Growing concerns

The Boston lettuce sprouts are about a half inch high now. I would add a picture but my camera batteries are dead. I took a picture with the iPad but I can’t figure out how to send the picture anywhere but email yet.

I also have sprouts in the raised bed, of broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Right now they all look alike but they’ll sort themselves out soon. I haven’t seen any sign of the spinach out there yet.

Boston lettuce sprouts

I haz them.

These weren't there yesterday.

  They appeared nearly overnight. Yesterday, I thought that I was seeing a few roots. Today, there is actual green showing. The pictures are a little blurry.
There is one small sprout in the raised bed out back. I think it’s cabbage but I can’t remember exactly what order I planted them in. Should have done it alphabetically.

Tomato harvest!

I’ve picked my first two tomatoes!  For plum tomatoes, they’re a  nice size, and they’re almost completely red.  No worm holes either.  They’re on the kitchen windowsill, continuing to ripen.

It’s been raining hard on and off for three days, and my broccoli sprouts are suffering.  They get flattened and I have to prop them up.  I hope I can nurse them through this.  I’m going to move them under the eaves so they won’t get pounded quite so much.  They have plenty of water on board and don’t need any more rain right now!

There are a lot more tomatoes, but none are turning red yet.  I’m keeping my eye on the plant; no more hornworms yet.

The Brussels sprouts are not doing much.  One sprout looks healthy, but it’s having trouble standing up to the rain also.

The next bell pepper is growing nicely.  It’s going to be smallish like the last one was, I think.